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Introduction of Director

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【Words From the Director】

Message from the Director

The 21st century is the new museum era. In addition to continuing to follow a people-oriented approach, more attention is being given to fully bringing into play the functions of museums and coexistence with the local community. With the trend of the rapid connection between globalization and the Internet, contemporary museums are focusing on issues such as social responsibility, cross-domain cooperation, new technology and new media; at the same time, facing the challenge of accelerating climate change, they are seeking to maximize the connection between museums and the general public.


The Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology has the mission of preserving the Shihsanhang archeological site, cultural promotion and archaeological education. In addition to its efforts in the area of archaeological education, it is also committed to creating a "national museum" and is the most important platform for public archeology in Taiwan. In response to the challenges of globalization, it emphasizes the learning participation of all ages, and provides a varied and friendly environment and services that integrate local and inter-library resources. The aim is that that, for public learning and leisure, Shihsanhang Museum is their best choice.


Along with the pulse of the times, the Shihsanhang Museum seeks to always improve, breaking through the shackles of tradition and responding to the needs of the public. Revisions and actions that keep up with the changing times gradually enrich various services and achieve the aim of popularizing museum public services. The aim is to increase professionalism, integrate academic study and practice and combine local and international, to create a “click and mortar” museum that becomes a renowned archaeological museum.