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Visiting Bali Left Bank

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1. Our Dream

The “One-day Trip at Bali Left Bank” marks the beginning of the dream. It is our hope that through this project it will be possible to encourage the public to visit the area in greater numbers. Visitors should first take the Taipei Metro (MRT) to Tamsui Station, where they can take a ferry to either the Bali Ferry Wharf or Left Bank Wharf. After disembarking, they may choose to take a shuttle bus or rent a bicycle and explore the beautiful scenery of the Bali Left Bank. As part of a day trip they can also visit the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology.



2. Sightseeing Spots on the Bali Left Bank

The Bali Left Bank starts with the Bali Ferry Wharf. Walking along the coast towards the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, one can enjoy a 3.5km stroll. Along the way you will pass the Laorong Bastion, Left Bank Park, Left Bank Tourist service Center, Left Bank Theater, Mangrove Park, Waziwei Conservation Area, Waziwei Settlement, Watching Walkway, and Shihsanhang Cultural Park. The journey incorporates places of cultural, historical and natural interest. Some of these are introduced in more detail below.


⊙ Bali Ferry Wharf

In addition to providing easy access to Old Street, Tachungyeh Temple, and Tianhou Temple, the oldest local religional spots, Bali Ferry Wharf maintains a row of riverside stores that look out over the Tamsui River. The view here is impressive, especially at night when the lights at the other side of the river light up the night sky.


⊙ Laorong (Old Banyan) Bastion

This was originally an army base and can be found diagonally opposite the Bali Ferry Wharf and Tachungyeh Temple. The base was originally closed to the public and reserved for use during wartime, but Taipei County government (Now New Taipei City government) has borrowed the area from the army, temporarily granting public access. The base faces the sea and provides impressive views of natural landscapes. Several huge banyan trees also stand in the base square, making an excellent place to seek reprieve from the hot summer sun.


⊙ Left Bank Park

Left Bank Park is approximately 1.5 hectares in size. In front of it stands the Left Bank Wharf. After disembarking from one of the many ferryboats, it is possible to take a horse-drawn carriage to the Left Bank Theater. Inside the park you will find Left Bank Tourist Service Center, which provides not only a four-story observation tower, but also a further two floors that incorporate a food and drink area and a display space. This serves as a tourist service and information center.


⊙ Left Bank Theater

The theater holds many different Bali Left Bank holiday activities. The line of sand dunes to the side of the building used to be the location of a landfill site. After much work it is now an excellent place from which to view magnificent sea vistas.


⊙ Mangrove Park

After the Left Bank Theater there is a 300m long wooden walkway that follows the coastline. To one side of this is a mangrove forest, on the other wetlands. This area is called "Mangrove Park" and is the home to a rich variety of birds. Visitors are asked to keep quiet and remain alert. Who knows what you might find.


⊙ Waziwei Conservation Area

The Waziwei Conservation Area has the topography of a lagoon and possesses the northernmost mangrove swamp in Taiwan. It is rich in ecological resources and as with the mangrove forest, many different kinds of wildlife can be found in the wetlands. Examples include sand fiddler crabs and mudskipper fish. These characteristics make the area a rich and varied outdoor classroom into natural ecology.


⊙ Sea Watching Walkway

Ocean View Embankment is located at the mouth of the Tamsui River and is a controlled sentry point for the coastguard. After the laying of a wooden walkway, this is now a perfect place to watch the sunset. Standing here, one can clearly see Tamsui Fishermen's Wharf on the other side of the river.


⊙ Waziwei Settlement

This settlement is located next to the Waziwei Conservation Area and is the only traditional settlement left on the Bali Left Bank. Within this area there are several old Southern Fujian-style houses, which many visitors take interest in. Please remember to remain quiet at all times as not to disturb or be a nuisance to the residents.


⊙ Shihsanhang Cultural Park

This park is approximately 13.5 hectares in size and designated as the site for third stage development of the Bali Sewage Treatment Plant. Currently, the land is being borrowed by the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology and is open to the public.



3. Tamsui River Area Transformation Project

As part of a project to better integrate the tourist resources of the Tamsui River Area, on September 2002, the “One-day Trip at Bali Left Bank” project was expanded to include the whole river area and renamed the “Tamsui River Area Transformation Project”. It is now intended to showcase both sides of the Tamsui River.

By focusing on the entire river, “Tamsui River Area Transformation Project” makes it easier to develop a transport network of bike lanes, wooden walkways, tourist ferryboats, shuttle buses and the MRT. This in turn provides easier access to transportation for the public, which will facilitate an increase in local tourism.