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Bronze Bell

The exterior of this spherical bronze bell is decorated with a bow-string pattern and protruding point patterns. It may have been used as a decorative object.


A wide variety of beads were unearthed, over 20,000 in total. Most are made of glass and come in a variety of colors: green, blue, red, and yellow. The smaller beads were possibly sewn on to clothes, while the bigger ones were probably strung together and worn as necklaces. 

Pig-head Figurine

The pig-head figurine has a long upturned nose with the nostrils pointing forwards and protuding ears. Although the ceramic figurine is destroyed below the neck, the external characteristics of the pig are precisely depicted.

Anthropomorphic Figurine

This figurine is an exquisite example of the Shihsanhang people’s carving skill. From its thin waist and protruding chest, it is believed that this sample is probably a carving of a woman. Its facial features are complete, with accessories on the body. The hole on the ear can be a clue about the Shihsanhang people’s ear piercing tradition.