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Anthropomorphic Jar

The Anthropomorphic Jar is one of the most distinctive artifacts unearthed at the Shihsanhang site. It has a single handle, an angled shoulder, and foot rim, and is decorated with a human face. It is the only jar discovered in Taiwan to be decorated with a human face. The jar is around 1800-500 years old.


The pottery jar is red-brown coarse ware Decorative patterns of circles and dots are evenly distributed along the area around the rim of the mouth and foot, but its most distinctive characteristic is the vividly portrayed human face on the main body of the jar. The slightly protruding brow and long narrow eyes are accompanied by a slightly open mouth and ears that hang on either side of the face. This is a clear indication of the refined pottery making skills and rich creativity of the prehistoric residents of Shihsanhang. The Anthropomorphic Jar was unearthed in a burial site and is believed to have had some kind of religious significance.